Walter (Beepa) Hopper....

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...of RR3 Afton Rd, Beloit Wisconsin was born may 28th 1914, the son of Charles O. and Jenny Lind (Baker) Hopper. He was a veteran of WWII, serving in the U.S. Army for four and a half years, two and a half served in the European Theater. Army years were in Military Police - Jeep corps.  Walter Married Marian Jeanette Lund on June 22nd 1946 in the second Congregational Church, Beloit, WI.  Walter was employed by Beloit Corporation for 39 years, Retiring in 1976. He was a member of the Second Cognitional Church and the Beloit Corporation  Quarter Century Club. Walters Favorites….. Color: Blue Drink: brandy & water Dog : pug Food: eating strawberries and tomatoes at the garden - making oyster stew on Christmas Eve - going to lunch each Saturday with nephew, Al Rogahn His Hobbies….. Working in the garden and green house raising chickens and doves raising pugs growing sweet corn and strawberries playing checkers with his grandchildren ANECDOTES Liked telling kids story of Chief Dirty Neck of the Never-wash Tribe, who lived at the creek behind his house. Musical skills included playing Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater on piano and singing Irish ditties, like Pelican song. Beepa’s Mom And Dad disareed on his name and his brothers and sisters labeled him “Picadilly” until they decided- hense “Dilly” - only fitting we start our business with our staple product (Beepa’s Dilly Beans )  Beepa’s originated from his first grandchild, Steen Fjalstad he could not pronounce “Grandpa” so it sounded like “Beepa” and it stuck all these years. SAYINGS “It could be worse” “If it worth having, it’s worth waiting for” COMMON GREETING “Howdy Doodey Tootie Fruity”.